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reached a whole new level.

Started breaking down at work and my boss told me to go home and study instead

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Literally have not cried this much ever.

The first time I actually had a breakdown about college.

Getting a bid was nice, but pledging is an actual bitch. I literally do not get home till 2 or 3am everyday and once I do come home I have to study for my classes. I’ve been getting 3-4 hours of sleep a day and I literally can’t handle the stress. I knew it would be hard, but I definitely did not imagine it being that bad. But with work, classes, and volunteering, pledging is just so difficult. Especially being pledge class president, I have that much more responsibility on my hands. It’s just so much work and I just really can’t deal with it anymore. I want to drop it but ugh I don’t know I just can’t. I haven’t have time to do any of my school work. I have a midterm on Tuesday which I haven’t even prepared for because I’m so busy with all this work. This is just getting ridiculous. It’s so hard to keep the end goal in mind when I have 6 more weeks of misery and feeling like this left. 

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My essay 10 page essay on water it titled “The Thirst is Real” 1 week ago | Monday April 14 | 0 notes | reblog
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Anonymous asked: Do you currently have any friendships you believe will last once college is over? If so, how many?

Yeah definitely. I think what’s different in college as compared to high school is that you don’t necessarily hang out with the same people everyday, so it’s hard to identify yourself with one group or one person. You learn to associate yourself with different groups of people. In high school, you’re kind of forced to see people where as in college, it’s your decision to hang out with someone. So it’s really up to you who you want to keep in touch with. I’m positive that I’ll stay in touch with my friends from high school because we spent every brunch, lunch and pretty much every summer together and we got along really well. In college, I definitely see my relationships lasting with quite a few people. It’s hard to put a number on it, but there’s definitely people I put an effort into seeing more. It’s really up to you. 

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stay reckless ✌️

stay reckless ✌️

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Do you have to show you’re broken on the inside by breaking yourself on the outside? (via sanjana-love) 2 weeks ago | Friday April 4 | 8 notes | reblog
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